Did YOU Know Insurance Discounts Are Available?

Tegner Miller Did You KnowDid YOU know that you can greatly decrease your insurance costs by taking advantage of discounts?

If you are buying insurance for the first time, the whole process can seem extremely expensive. Between homeowner’s and auto insurance, along with many other more specialized policies, you might feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount you will need to pay.

Insurance companies are constantly competing to offer the best discounts in order to entice more customers to purchase their policies. Some of these discounts are self-explanatory. For example, perhaps the best discount in terms of amount saved is the “Multi Policy Discount” offered by many insurance companies. This discount will cut as much as 20% off your insurance rates if you purchase both your homeowner’s and auto insurance from the same insurance company.

While the logic behind Multi Policy Discounts is obvious, other discounts might surprise you. Below, Tegner-Miller Insurance Brokers has included three lesser -known insurance policy discounts that you can take advantage of today.

Auto Insurance Discounts:

  • Good Driver Discount: If you haven’t been convicted of a moving violation or been in an at-fault accident in three to five years, (depending on the insurance provider), you might qualify for as high as a 20% rate reduction.
  • Good Student Discount: Here is one more reason to make sure you, your son or daughter does their homework. If a full-time student has a 3.0 grade point average or better, he/she might qualify for a substantial rate discount. Insurance companies do extensive research to determine what factors indicate that policyholders will be better drivers.  They have found that good grades correlate to fewer at-fault accidents.  This discount varies by insurance company.
  • Professional Degree Discount:  More and more insurance companies are offering discounts for customers who have an advanced degree.  If you are an educator, engineer/scientist, accountant or a member of the LA County Bar Association you may be eligible for a discount.

This is only a partial list of available discounts.  For a more complete list or to discuss your policy please call your TMIB at 310-828-9662. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

The information provided in our blogs are very brief overviews that do not provide complete descriptions of any coverage described nor do they list all of the important factors one should evaluate before deciding on a policy. Please speak to your broker at TMIB about your specific insurance needs and for more detailed information about types of coverage.