Hurricane, Earthquakes, Floods and Wildfires: Are You Covered?

2017 has been a tough year when it comes to natural disasters. It seems like every week we hear about another devastating event that has caused major damage to cities and irreparable damage to the lives of millions of people. While we can’t prevent these disasters altogether, one thing we can do is to be prepared in the event of an emergency. There is no better place to start than double checking your insurance coverage.

In California, we discuss earthquakes a lot, but you also want to be sure to check for wildfire coverage. When it comes to the possessions inside of your home, most policies cover the replacement of most items but you may need additional coverage to fully insure jewelry, art, collectibles, or other high value items. Be sure to talk to your insurance agent.

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The information provided in our blogs are very brief overviews that do not provide complete descriptions of any coverage described nor do they list all of the important factors one should evaluate before deciding on a policy. Please speak to your broker at TMIB about your specific insurance needs and for more detailed information about types of coverage.