Drone for Christmas?

One of the hottest new gift trends this year was the increasingly affordable drone. Who doesn’t want to fly cool aircraft that also captures amazing video that can dazzle all of your friends? The availability of drones to regular consumers has prompted the FAA to create some drone rules.

The most important step is to register your drone. If you currently own a drone, you have until February 19th, 2016 to register it or run the risk of being hit with some pretty hefty fines. If you are looking for insurance for your drone, it pretty much comes down to a question of using it for personal or business usage. Many home insurance policies will cover personal use, (be sure to double-check this with your broker), but once you start getting into business use, you should look into getting additional coverage.

Before you fly your drone, you should learn about the rules and how to properly insure it.  A good article to read is “Drone for Christmas?

Be sure to get your registration and insurance before you fly and if you have any questions on exactly what steps to take regarding insurance contact TMIB at 310-828-9662.

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