Corporate Values

Principals – Dan Nelson, Ken Miller and Chris Czuzak
Sound relationships are the foundation upon which we have built our company. We therefore place a high value on the people who are our customers, our employees, and the insurance companies that we represent.

We consider respect, trust, and integrity to be essential in all of our dealings. We expect honest, ethical behavior from ourselves and others.

We encourage an entrepreneurial attitude among our employees through the use of empowerment and teamwork. We are progressive in our outlook and prudent in the management of our resources. We value high quality work and superior results.

Because we all live and work in the larger context of society, we value and encourage individual responsibility and corporate citizenship. We recognize our obligation to be a positive influence in the community in which we operate.

Without apology, we are profit oriented, for only profitable companies can adapt and survive to meet their commitments to their customers, their employees and their community.