Client Testimonials

I received your nice note and Home Depot gift card – nice touch, thank you very much! “D” will be happy.  He is a Depot-Aholic!

Thanks and regards,
K & D

Business Insurance

As one of the leading outdoor festival and concert producers in Southern California, we are very reliant on the experience and expertise of Tegner Miller to provide us with the kind of coverage we need to protect ourselves and our vendors and contractors. Tegner delivers quality coverage in a prompt and cost effective manner and their pleasant and helpful staff is knowledgeable about virtually any insurance question that arises. We don’t enter into event contracts without them as part of our team!
Bill Kay, Executive Producer — All Access Entertainment

Business Insurance

To whom it may concern,

I just wanted to send a brief message regarding my continued receipt of superior customer service from my current agent at Tegner-Miller. I have been using your company to provide my insurance needs since moving to LosAngeles in 2002 and Michelle W. has been handling our accounts for the last few years, always with excellent service.

My wife, family, and I moved to Virginia Beach, VA last year and Michelle W. has continued to provide us with prompt, complete service for our ever changing insurance needs. She is always responsive and thorough.

Sincerest thanks.
S. B. M.D.

Personal Insurance

I wanted to sincerely thank you for your personal attention and fantastic service pertaining to our medical malpractice coverage. As we all know, when you are in business there are plenty of companies who will try and offer services at a lower rate to try and take your business for themselves. Recently I had a man in my office with 30+ years of experience in underwriting malpractice insurance policies who asked if he could look at our current policy to possibly save us money with a different carrier. I told him that we were very happy with Tegner-Miller, but he was welcome to take a look. After reading through the policy and reading all of the limits and liabilities, he told me “Don’t ever change this policy! I can’t see a single thing that needs to be amended or changed, and the premium is extremely reasonable. Don’t change a thing!”


Most of the time when companies come in and offer low rates, it usually costs you in some other area, whether it is service or coverage, or rate hikes later. We love the fact that we have been using Tegner-Miller since we have been open, are still getting the same great service and prices since day one. Thank you.

John Draper — Cloud 9 Medi Spa

Medical Malpractice Insurance

I would like to recognize Sandra Vasquez for the marvelous support she provided my firm yesterday. We were asked by a potential client to submit a letter outlining our insurance coverage. The letter had to be written in a specific way and had to be completed incredibly quickly. Indeed, I first learned of the need for the letter on Saturday and had to have something useful in hand before Noon yesterday. Our entire proposal hinged on having the letter.


To the rescue came Sandra! She worked with me to create the letter, modified it as required, and delivered it to me well before the deadline set by the potential client. All with accuracy, professionalism and grace.


On behalf of everyone at The Schnur Consulting Group, we applaud Sandra for her brilliant service and support. We are fully in her debt.

Alan — The Schnur Consulting Group

Commercial Package Policy

Thank You So Much for the quote….you have no idea how pleasant you have made this renewal. I’ve sincerely never had it this easy before! Woo Hoo!!
S. — Ventura, California

Commercial Package Policy

I very much appreciate the great service I obtained with my representative Dat Diep. Mr. Diep worked with me to get the type of insurance I needed at a competitive price and patiently continued to provide this service over a several month period of time. He was efficient and friendly. I appreciate all that he did for me.
D.B. – Newport Beach, California

Medical Malpractice Insurance

Dear David,

Thanks for calling and leaving a message regarding the above incident the other day and my busy schedule prevented me from sending a reply. Sandra acted fast with this insurance claim and the insurance adjuster contacted us and visited the following day. We would like to take this opportunity to thank TEGNER-MILLER and its staff for their prompt service and support.

D. J. – Manufacturer Compton

Commercial Insurance including: Workers Compensation,
General Liability, Commercial Auto Insurance, Commercial Property

In an ever evolving world where the laws governing our health care are constantly changing, it’s such a comfort knowing that I can reach out to Judy Fassbinder and get a response that is not only accurate but honest. I’ve worked with so many brokers over the years and Judy is by far one of the best. When I have a question that needs research to answer, Judy never shies away from the challenge. She keeps me on my toes when it comes to COBRA and she is a reliable source when I need forms or facts to help out one of our employees.
J T – Sr. Manager, Human Resources, Beverly Hills, California

Group Health Insurance

May this serve as a positive reference for Mr. Dat Diep who went above and beyond the call of duty numerous times during my first year of General Surgery/Trauma/Critical Care private practice in Southern California. He was able to get me liability coverage on very short notice i.e. a couple of weeks, during 2008-09 (had to sign move to California quickly when a position opened up), kept in contact to make sure that my needs were met throughout the year, and was able to obtain for me coverage from a highly rated company for 2009-2010. I would highly recommend this agent and the insurance brokerage company he represents (TMIB) without reservations to anyone who is considering a similar move. Excellent communication and stellar follow-through.
M.Y MD MPH – Riverside, California

Medical Malpractice Insurance

Judy, Where would I be in this healthcare minefield, if you were not there to guide me through everything? Your dedication, commitment to excellence, and superior service are without rival. You are a true asset to your organization and your expertise is invaluable to me. Thank you again for all that you do with such patience and humor. You are truly priceless

J D – Sr. VP, Operations Burbank, California

Group Health Insurance

This is to attest that Mr. Dat Diep has been the insurance broker for A. A., M.D., Neurologist and for M-N Corp for the last several years, Mr.. Dat Diep has consistently worked very hard over the years to always get Dr. A and M-N Corp the best malpractice liability insurance coverage for a very good premium.

He is reliable, polite and always very prompt. Compared to other insurance broker, Mr. Dat Diep is simply the best.
C A, R.N. – Manager, Los Angeles, Californi

Medical Malpractice Insurance

Hi Chris, Thank you so much for the helpful information. Chris just turned in his leased BMW and will be getting another car shortly. He will be coming back to you for all his upcoming insurance needs, both personal and professional. You’re the best and a real pro!!! Thank you again for your time and expertise.
C. S. – Venice, California

Personal Auto Insurance

Dat has bent over backwards trying to find the best rates, coverage, and service. He has filled applications, made numerous inquiries, and done everything to make the process seamless. He is worth his weight in gold many times over. I recommend him without reservation.
J. E., MD — Pasadena, California

Medical Malpractice Insurance

It’s an insurance broker’s job to get their client the best rates, but an exceptional broker takes the time to really get to know the client, and understand their business. An exceptional broker is Judy Fassbinder.
GF, MSHR- HR Manager, Corona, California

Commercial Insurance, Health Insurance

Tegner Miller Insurance Brokers: We started working with Tegner Miller since the beginning of 2010, they have provided us with great performance and professionalism. We have gotten all our questions answered in a quick and fast respond. It’s a pleasure working with a good company.
M. R. Los Angeles, California

Workers Compensation , Commercial General Liability

Tegner-Miller Insurance Brokers, specifically our broker Tana Young, gracefully made our open enrollment period not only less stressful but also informative and as enjoyable as possible. As a direct result of Tana’s involvement in the open enrollment process, which included a staff meeting educating employees about the health policies available to them, several employees expressed their gratitude for learning, for the first time, how to make an important and discerning decision that benefits their health and welfare. As a Controller who is responsible for seeking opportunities that provide maximum benefit to employees while identifying cost savings to a business functioning well in a challenging economic climate, it was an enormous relief to work with a broker who is motivated to offer benefit rich options while considering realistic financial considerations.
I highly recommend Tegner-Miller Insurance Brokers to any business who desires competent, thorough, consistent and enjoyable guidance.
R S – Controller, Santa Monica, California

Group Health Insurance

Dat is just great. He really tried hard to go for extra miles to find the best coverage for me. He returns phone calls promptly and answers questions patiently. He is always very nice and cheerful. I will highly recommend him. Thank you very much!
Y S, M.D. — Burbank, California

Medical Malpractice Insurance

Our company has been working with Tegner Miller Insurance Brokers for many years. We have referred several clients and business associates to Tegner Miller and have always received positive comments about their experience.


Andrea Rootes, a Commercial Account Manager, is only one of Tegner Miller’s extremely capable and attentive staff. She has handled our business insurance for about fifteen years. Andrea is very knowledgeable and is always responsive to the partners’ needs. She keeps us abreast of all the changes required in this ever evolving world.


Since 2004, I have had the pleasure of working with Judy Fassbinder, Senior Account Executive in their Benefits Department, who handles the firm’s group health insurance plans. Judy is a customer service oriented professional; she understands the needs and concerns of her clients and is timely and thorough. Our staff relies upon Judy for help regarding the firm’s policies as well as their personal insurance needs. I’m sure I have personally asked her a million questions; if she doesn’t have the answer right at her finger tips she gets the answer and responds quickly. Judy has been fun and easy to work with and has been an invaluable aid to me as I’ve struggled with our firm’s group insurance benefits, COBRA requirements and HR matters.


Benefits Account Manager Tana Young is another representative of Tegner Miller who knows her stuff. She is an expert in her field. Both partners and staff have called upon Tana when they have questions or need advice about signing up for Medicare and Medicare Supplement plans. She has a wonderful sense of humor and you can just hear the smile on her face as you talk with her.


Our firm’s experience with Tegner Miller Insurance Brokers has been a most positive one and we highly recommend them to anyone who needs assistance with the mysterious world of insurance.

BC – Office Manager, Los Angeles, California

Commercial Package, Fidelity Insurance,
Workers Compensation Insurance, Health Insurance

Dat, You have been very helpful and knowledgeable in guiding me through my malpractice insurance endeavors. Your expertise and thoughtfulness have made an arduous task easy. Thank you for your help and I will continue to use your services for my insurance needs.

D B, D.O. — Vero Beach, Florida

Medical Malpractice Insurance

Hi Dat,I am writing to thank you for the great service you provided when I was searching for a less expensive malpractice option. Your professionalism and knowledge of the options available to me was extremely helpful and has helped me find a great carrier at the lowest possible premium cost. Since I am an ob-gyn, with its already high premiums, I am especially grateful for this! Even more though, I appreciated the way that you were always available by phone or email, and the kindness and courtesy in your replies and interactions with me and the representative of the carrier. I always felt like I was in good hands with you leading the way for me! I would happily recommend your services to a colleague!;
S. B. – Sunnyvale, California

Medical Malpractice Insurance

Tana Young is the most helpful and caring person I have ever not met – we only speak on the phone – but feel like she is a good friend. I live in Pennsylvania, but my daughter lives in California and she had to purchase health insurance since she could no longer be covered by my plan (age 23). Let me tell you, it was no easy task to find a company that would answer my numerous questions intelligently – then I found Tana. She has been so helpful and trustworthy throughout this process. She always responds quickly and helped us find a great health insurance policy. Thank you Tana!!!
S. R.

Health Insurance