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7 Common Claims Covered by Homeowners Insurance

Having homeowners insurance is a smart way to protect yourself in the event of an emergency. However, not all policies are equal. Check your policy to make sure you are covered for the seven most common claims.

Of all the ways damage can occur to your home, virtually nothing costs more than a fire. In the unfortunate event you have to deal with a fire in your home, a little preparation can go a long way to making sure you are covered.  For example, make a complete inventory of your possessions. This is especially helpful if you suffer a total loss. Be sure to keep it updated, but be aware that depending on your policy, deprecation may be a factor. The more you can be prepared, the smoother the claim process will go.

If you’d like to check the MSN’s list of the seven common claims covered by homeowners insurance visit ( and if you have any questions about your homeowners insurance contact TMIB at 310-828-9662.


6 Steps to Cut Your Car-Insurance Rates

Speeding CarWant to save some money on your car insurance? If you answered yes, the process to bringing your rates down might be as simple as taking a few steps.

One of the first steps is to assess your coverage. Find out how much coverage you have and compare it to alternate quotes you receive!  You should also calculate how many miles you drive each year. The number of miles you drive each year is useful information and could affect your premium.

To see a breakdown of Kiplinger’s “6 Steps to Cut Your Car Insurance Rates“ visit ( and for any questions about your car insurance contact TMIB at 310-828-9662.