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12 Tips to Keep from Buying Too Much Insurance

insurance policy with penHaving an insurance policy not only provides protection but also peace of mind.  However, is it possible to have too much insurance?

Think about when you rent a car. There are a lot of add-on insurance options the rental car company may offer to you.  Should you get these optional coverages?  In particular, consider that the collision damage waiver (CDW) is an add-on that is usually covered by most credit cards for free as long as you pay for the car rental with that card, so, it may be an option you might decide to decline.

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Tobacco Surcharge: Smoking Just Got More Expensive

The Cost of SmokingOne of the factors used to determine health insurance premiums under the Affordable Care Act is tobacco usage. Being a tobacco user could significantly change the cost of a health insurance policy. Through the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies can charge up to 50% higher premiums for smokers, however states can and in some cases have reduced or eliminated this surcharge.

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