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7 Perks Hidden in Your Insurance Policy

insurance policy with pen7 Perks Hiding in Your Insurance Policy

How well do you know the ins and outs of your insurance policies? Maybe not as well as you think. Even the smallest of policies may have some hidden benefits that will come in handy during a major crisis. From yard damage caused by falling trees to power outages that spoil all of the food in your refrigerator, you may be covered somewhere in your insurance policies.

To learn more about a few of these not so well known coverages, check out MSN’s “7 Perks Hiding in Your Insurance Policy” and if you are interested in reviewing your current insurance policies, contact TMIB and we would be happy to assist you.

Box Of Chocolate Web

Valentine’s Day Treats

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us! If you are still looking for something fun to give your sweetheart, don’t worry, we have it covered! This year try a fun pairing of wine and chocolate to enjoy with your valentine.

The secret to finding the right combination is much more than white vs. red or dark vs. milk, it is more about the whole experience. Choose the type of chocolate or wine you both already enjoy, but focus on finding a wine that will elevate the chocolate. Usually a Port or Madeira will succeed as a perfect companion for chocolate since it not only “lifts the wine”, but will “refresh your palate” while enjoying your chocolaty treats.

For a full rundown of great wine and chocolate pairings, visit the NY Times and, as always, for any insurance questions be sure to contact your local broker at TMIB.

To Claim or Not to Claim

Car CrashThe next time you are in a minor accident, you may want to think twice about filing an insurance claim. The reality is that all accidents are not created equal and some smaller accidents may be better left unclaimed as claims can add up fast and even multiple small claims can prove to be costly.

So next time you have a fender-bender, consider your options and think about how a claim could alter your insurance premiums. If you have any questions regarding car accident claims or car insurance, be sure to contact your broker at TMIB.