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Michael Visits Sinners & Saints

saintsEver have a sweet tooth? Ever plan for a party and have to find a dessert everyone can enjoy?

Sinners & Saints has the answer to all of your needs when it comes to treats.

What makes Sinners & Saints different is that their definition of “treat” doesn’t necessarily walk the same line as others in their industry. You may be in the mood for something chocolaty and rich or you might be on the lookout for something gluten free or vegan to satisfy your craving.  “Sinners” can splurge and indulge with one of the “luxurious and beautifully crafted desserts.”  “Saints” can pick and choose from the numerous treats that are either low calorie, low fat, sugar free or gluten free but so delicious you’ll think you’re a “Sinner”.

Sinners & Saints calls Venice its home. Located just north of the intersection of Lincoln and Washington,

Visit their website at for more details.

We are happy to have Sinners & Saints as a client of Tegner-Miller Insurance Brokers and will happily taste test for them whenever they want!

Maybe it’s time you found out if you’re a Sinner or a Saint.

Sinners & Saints Desserts
2547 Lincoln Blvd.
Venice CA 90291

How to Keep Safe During Fire Season

brush fire

Fires cost Californians more than $800 million annually.

Last year was one of the worst wildfire years in U.S. history, torching a region the size of Massachusetts and Connecticut combined. Experts are predicting that this year will be just as destructive in California. With high rainfall in early winter followed by dry and warm conditions in the spring, this fire season will likely begin earlier and last longer than the average season.

Tegner-Miller Insurance Brokers has compiled the following list to help you stay safe during this year’s fire season:

  • If you live in a high-risk area, contact your local fire department for an assessment of fire conditions in your community. Fire officials can survey your neighborhood to determine your risk of wildfires.
  • Remove any dry shrubs or tree branches around your home. You should not have any branches hanging over your roof and all rain gutters should be regularly cleared of dead leaves.
  • If a fire does occur, be sure to follow any orders to vacate from state and local authorities.  In particular, stay indoors if you notice smoke or ash in the air. Be sure to close all windows and turn your A/C to recirculate.

If you live in a fire zone you may need additional insurance that your standard homeowners’ insurance policy doesn’t include.

If you have questions about your current policies and wildfire coverage, please call 310-828-9662.

California Healthcare Benefit Exchange (Covered California)

red arrow thru mazeCalifornia has the 4th highest percentage of uninsured people in the United States, with more than 20% of the state’s residents lacking basic healthcare insurance.

Over the next several months, the state of California will institute new regulations for the California Health Benefit Exchange, which will define health insurance reform in California.

Information about the Exchange, which will be implemented in January 2014, can be confusing and difficult to track down. Please continue to visit our website:  and blog to stay up to date on the new reforms.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call and speak to one our licensed agents at 310-828-9662.

Did YOU Know about Driverless Cars?

auto-insurance-TMIBLadies and Gentleman, the future is here.

In September 2012, Governor Brown signed into law a bill that would legalize driverless cars. The Google driverless vehicle, which was first created in the mid-2000s, has been on the streets since 2011 and is already legal to operate in Nevada and Florida.

While driverless cars might conjure up images of a bright new future with human error removed from the driving experience, they also mean massive changes to current legislation pertaining to motor vehicles. For example,

Who will be allowed to operate these vehicles? 

  • Children under the age of 16?
  • Individuals with challenges that currently preclude driving?

Auto insurance

Some of the biggest changes will occur in the insurance realm.  The legislation and insurance industry will have many things to consider once these vehicles hit the road in California.

  • How will rates be determined?
  • Current car insurance rates are determined by a variety of factors, including age, experience, and other personal information (including grade point average for students). Because the driverless car is controlled by a robotic device with no accumulated experience or age, insurance companies will have to change the way rates are determined.
  • How will liability be determined if there is an accident?
    • Currently, drivers who are at fault in an accident are held liable for damages. With driverless cars, who will be held accountable? Because the driver does not control the vehicle, the vehicle will be “at-fault” in the accident. However, insurance companies cannot increase the rates for these driverless cars because the car is a machine that is expected to occasionally malfunction.


  • Driverless cars save information as they drive, potentially compiling copious data about a customer’s personal life, including schedule, favorite restaurants, etc. How will this information be saved, and how accessible will it be to the car’s manufacturer and third parties?

Continue to follow TMIB’s blog to see how these items develop.  We will keep you posted as we learn more information in the coming months and years.  If you have any questions regarding your own insurance, please do not hesitate to call us at 310-828-9662.