19 Steps to Prep Your House and Yard for Fall and Winter

While you were having a fun summer at the beach, the colder seasons slowly crept up and now you only have a few weeks to prepare your home for fall and winter. However, you shouldn’t fret because we found some great tips to get your home in shape.

Make sure you get your yard prepared before it is under a pile of leaves or snow.

A few quick yard tips:

– fall is much cooler than summer so be sure to get the appropriate seed and fertilizer to build up your yard’s strength.

– It might sound obvious, but removing the dead plants will go a long way. Removing weeds will keep the flower beds healthy and prepare you for spring.

– remember that spring isn’t the only time for growing. From kale to cauliflower, the fall can be a great season to show off your green thumb.

Since you’re already starting to get your home ready, why not take all of MSN’s 19 steps to prep your home. Visit to get MSN’s entire list and if you need advice for your home insurance contact TMIB at 310-828-9662.



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