Winter Travel Safety Tips

December and January are some of the busiest travel months for Americans. While Angelinos hit the slopes at ski resorts in Northern California, Colorado, and abroad, those in colder climates flee to sunny California, Florida, or the Caribbean. Before you go on your adventure, consult Tegner-Miller Insurance Brokers’ tips.

  • Before you leave, check your house to be sure you have turned off all lights and appliances. Especially check stoves, burners, and ovens to be sure they are turned off.

If leaving for more than a couple days, you may want to consider having a trusted neighbor pick up your mail or even have the post office stop delivering mail until you return (this can be done easily on-line).

  • If you are driving in a location with snow or ice, always bring tire chains. These chains can provide much-needed friction on slippery roads. Applying tire chains can be tricky for beginners, so before you leave, test out the chains in your driveway to make sure you can put them on properly.
  • Always tell a friend, family member, or neighbor your itinerary.
  • If traveling abroad, leave copies of your passport, credit cards (front and back) and other important documents with a trusted person.  This will facilitate getting help if documents are lost or stolen.  (Many 800 numbers only work in the US)
  • Do not post your vacation plans on social media sites, this may lead to unwanted attention to your empty home

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