Water Damage

Water DamageWhile you might think that a majority of home insurance claims are the result of fires, water damage is actually the most common cause for claims. In fact, around 65% of all property damage is caused by broken pipes, hoses, and malfunctioning plumbing fixtures. Additionally, the most common cause of water-related property damage is broken or malfunctioning washing machine hoses. Tegner-Miller Insurance Brokers recommends that you review the following tips for preventing water damage at your home.

  •  Develop a plan for checking your washing machine hoses. You should generally check or replace your hoses at least every 5 years. But how do you remember when to replace it? One tip is to replace your hoses every leap year.
  • Try to turn off your water when the washer is not in use. Water puts pressure on the hoses, increasing the likelihood of a break.
  • Place water pans under your washers/hoses. Even a small leak can cause major damage over time. Water pans can reduce the likelihood of long-term water damage.
  • Purchase high-quality hoses for your washers. Shop around to find washing machine hoses with the longest guarantee and best consumer reviews. Some hoses are guaranteed to function for up to 20 years. Be cautious about metal-braided hoses. While these are advertised as “burst proof”, a crimp in the hose can cause the sharp metal sides to puncture the rubber interior.

 Make sure that your home insurance policy is up-to-date and includes coverage for water damage.   Speak with your knowledgeable broker at TMIB about water damage on your home insurance policy.  Feel free to call us at 310-828-9662.

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