14 Email Etiquette Rules Every Professional Should Know

EmailEmails went from being a high tech novelty to a revolutionary method of communication that has changed the way we do business. Although email has become a primary method of communication at work, that doesn’t mean everyone has figured out the proper etiquette.

Emails aren’t the place to try your hand at comedy (leave that for the weekend). Remember this is work and sometimes jokes are inappropriate or don’t come across the right way when written. There is probably a bigger chance it falls flat than succeeds. Same for exclamation points!!!  Use them as needed, but less is always a better choice.  Remember, this is a business correspondence – you aren’t texting your friends about your after-work plans.

For MSN’s list of email etiquette rules, go to ( and for a business insurance quote, be sure to contact TMIB at 310-828-9662.


8 Home Inspection Missteps That Cost Buyers Money

house keysIf you are looking to buy a new home, whether for the first time or you’ve done it before, getting a thorough and accurate home inspection is important. Unfortunately, that isn’t always what happens.

For a list of “8 Home Inspection Missteps That Cost Buyers Money” go to  and for any questions regarding your home insurance needs, contact TMIB at 310-828-9662.


12 Tips to Keep from Buying Too Much Insurance

insurance policy with penHaving an insurance policy not only provides protection but also peace of mind.  However, is it possible to have too much insurance?

Think about when you rent a car. There are a lot of add-on insurance options the rental car company may offer to you.  Should you get these optional coverages?  In particular, consider that the collision damage waiver (CDW) is an add-on that is usually covered by most credit cards for free as long as you pay for the car rental with that card, so, it may be an option you might decide to decline.

To read MSN’s full list, “12 Tips To Keep You From Buying Too Much Insurance” visit ( and if you wish to discuss your current insurance policies, contact TMIB at 310-828-9662.


Tobacco Surcharge: Smoking Just Got More Expensive

The Cost of SmokingOne of the factors used to determine health insurance premiums under the Affordable Care Act is tobacco usage. Being a tobacco user could significantly change the cost of a health insurance policy. Through the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies can charge up to 50% higher premiums for smokers, however states can and in some cases have reduced or eliminated this surcharge.

For more information on the tobacco surcharge visit MSN ( and for any questions regarding health or other insurance, contact TMIB at 310-828-9662.


Insurers Roll Out Ridesharing Policies

rideshareWith the popularity of companies such as Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar, many people are becoming rideshare drivers.   Auto insurers have come to the realization that the ridesharing boom isn’t going away any time soon and are starting to create policies to cover the rideshare drivers and clarify the many insurance gray areas. This is important for drivers and passengers alike

For a breakdown on the current state of insurance protection for ridesharing drivers visit MSN ( and for any auto insurance questions, be sure to contact TMIB at 310-828-9662.

When Dogs Bite, Home Insurers Pay Average $32,000

angry dog teeth 1Fido might be man’s best friend and an integral part of the family but each year our canine friends cause more than one-third of all home insurance claims. Even though the average number of dog bite claims decreased in 2014, the average insurance claim cost of a dog bite claim has increased to $32,072.

For more information on dog bite claims in California visit the Insurance Journal ( and for questions regarding all of your home insurance, contact TMIB at 310-828-9662.

Health Insurer Won’t Pay

insurance policy with penYour health insurer may deny coverage you thought would be covered and/or decline to cover a specialist.

For some tips on how to help keep your costs down and your claims from being denied, visit MSN’s “When Your Health Insurer Won’t Pay” ( and for any questions regarding your health insurance please contact TMIB at 310-828-9662.

CA Traffic School for Bicycle Violations

riding bike city streets 1A new bill presented to the California Assembly would allow people cited for bicycle violations to reduce their fines by attending a new type of traffic school.

To read a full breakdown of the bill, visit StreetsBlogLA ( and for any questions regarding your insurance policies, contact TMIB at (310) 828-9662.


Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day TMIB 2015On May 21st, the inaugural Red Nose Day will be held to raise money and awareness for young people living in poverty. Money raised from this event will go to the Red Nose Day Fund and be distributed through grants to charities benefiting people in the United States and across the world.

There will also be a televised event the evening of May 21st.  To learn more about how you can participate, visit or to donate directly visit


Do you really need 10x your salary in life insurance?

Life InsuranceIn the past, we’ve touched on the question “How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?”. The old school rule of thumb was that it should be somewhere between five to 10 times your salary, but it really does depend on a few factors including:

– How much salary will you be replacing at home?

– Would the amount of the life insurance lead to enough interest to live on?

– What are the ages of your dependents?

To read the full article “Do You Really Need 10X Your Salary in Life Insurance” visit LifeHappens ( and for all of your life insurance needs, contact TMIB.


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