Our Company


More than a century has passed since a young Swedish immigrant traveled halfway across the world to become one of the founders of Santa Monica and a pioneer of its insurance community. When Chas A. Tegner founded our firm back in 1902, Santa Monica was home to just 2,000 residents. With money earned during the Alaska Gold Rush, Mr. Tegner set up a small insurance agency and real estate office in downtown Santa Monica. Tegner, and later his son and daughters, ran the family business for more than six decades. The Tegners were active civic leaders who believed strongly in community involvement.


In the early 1980’s, former college roommates Bill Aspinwall and Dave Nelson joined the agency and later assumed ownership of The Tegner Company. In 1996, The Tegner Company merged with Ken Miller’s firm, Miller & DeCray Insurance Brokers. Today, the company that Mr. Tegner founded is Tegner-Miller Insurance Brokers, one of Santa Monica’s oldest continuously operating businesses


While Tegner-Miller Insurance Brokers (TMIB) has grown to accommodate the needs of our expanding community, we continue to provide the personal, attentive service of the small business that Chas Tegner founded and are still the “Neighborhood Agency”.

TMIB provides services for many of the special industries that make up our community. The company was founded to provide risk management services to property managers and owners of apartments, as well as mercantile, commercial, and industrial properties. This service remains one of our largest specialty businesses and has expanded to provide risk management solutions for many of the entertainment and technology companies that make their home in Southern California. Valuable real estate, cars and boats are all the domain of our Personal Insurance Division.

Our Benefits division finds health coverage solutions for the small and mid-sized businesses that are prevalent in California. Physicians and other medical professionals come to TMIB for professional Malpractice and Liability insurance.


Going forward, TMIB will continue to invest in innovations that make conducting business easier for everybody. Maintaining cutting edge technology in our office and on our new website gives our clients the ability to communicate with us in a convenient and rapid method. This is part of our ongoing commitment to our clients.

While much has changed since Mr. Tegner started our business in 1902, the ideals of honest, ethical behavior in our business have not. We remain committed to the values on which Mr. Tegner founded the company – those of respect, trust, and integrity. In addition, we remain true to Mr. Tegner’s goal of making our community a better place to live and work.