Preparing for Winter and Fall

fall tree websiteWith the first day of winter just around the corner, you are likely already planning your holiday season. Whether you are mulling your holiday travel options, or possibly even beginning your Christmas shopping, the responsibilities of fall and winter are already creeping up on you. However, with the rush of the holidays, you might not be preparing your home for fall and winter. To help you out, Tegner-Miller Insurance Brokers has compiled the following checklist to ensure that your home is ready for fall and winter:

 Clean and repair rain gutters: Even in Southern California, certain trees (like the California sycamore) will shed a majority of their leaves during the fall and winter seasons. These leaves, along with pine needles and other detritus, can clog up your rain gutters, leading to drainage problems during the winter rainy season. Be sure to inspect your gutters throughout the fall and clean out any potential blockages.

  • In the same note, have you ever wondered what to do with all of those leaves? Large piles of leaves can be a fire hazard in your backyard. One option is to mow over your leaves, shredding them into small pieces. These small pieces can then be used as mulch to nourish your yard during the winter season.
  • Clean your fireplace/chimney: Sweep out your fireplace before the season starts to reduce the risk of fire spilling out of your hearth. If you haven’t had the chimney inspected recently, bring in a professional chimney sweep to clean the flue and prevent fire and smoke damage.
  • Save energy! In some parts of LA County, temperatures can dip into the low 40s and high 30s at night, necessitating heating. Heating can be expensive, so be sure to spend the extra time to reduce your heating bills. Cold air can seep into your home through cracks in windows and doorframes. Inspect all of your windows and doors and seal up any cracks with caulk if necessary.

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