Michaels visit to Witz End in Venice, CA


Live music venues in Los Angeles are plentiful. You can find live music any day of any week in nearly any neighborhood.

What sets these venues apart from each other is how they value the entertainment aspect of their establishment.  At Witz End it is obvious that it’s music first. They’ve created an environment that compliments the way the musicians interact with their instruments and the crowd.

Although music is the focus, they don’t neglect the drinks, food or service. So, whether you go for the music, to sip on cocktails or have a meal, they can accommodate.

Don’t miss out on a place that’s been featured on “The Voice” and other top network music competition shows.

Go to their website and scroll the calendar section for updated information on who’s performing or just stop by when you’re in the mood. You’ll have a great time!

Witz End is one of TMIB’s valued clients.  They are fun and a business that’s always on the move and focused on bringing the show to their customers.

Check out their website:

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