Michael’s Visit to Oscar’s Cerveteca

Oscar's CervetecaIf you’re in the mood for something different and off the beaten path, or a place that embodies the spirit of the community that surrounds it, I will happily suggest such a place. At Oscar’s Cerveteca you are rewarded with a menu that reflects a rich family history and is infused with modern organic farm food. You’ll find everything from seafood to ribs, vegetarian dishes to the Chorizo Burger (my personal favorite) and a diverse selection of side plates that go well with any main entrée. If you want selection not only when it comes to food, the list of beers and wine will surely treat any craving.

The open kitchen is where the energy is. Sitting at the counter you can watch the cooks hard at work perfecting each and every dish. You get a great appreciation for the time and effort that has gone into making this place a truly sought after local restaurant. Oscar’s Cerveteca on Rose has bridged the gap between Main Street and Lincoln and brought an abundance of life to its Venice neighborhood.

If you enjoy Oscar’s Cerveteca and want to experience more of what they have to offer, try next door’s Venice Beach Wines. It’s a perfect setting to kick back and relax with a glass of something to your liking.

We are fortunate to have Oscar’s Cerveteca as one of our restaurant clients and look forward to watching them grow as a business within their community.  Make sure you swing by and try it for yourself.

Oscar’s Cerveteca
523 Rose Ave
Venice, CA 90291

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