Michael Visits Sinners & Saints

saintsEver have a sweet tooth? Ever plan for a party and have to find a dessert everyone can enjoy?

Sinners & Saints has the answer to all of your needs when it comes to treats.

What makes Sinners & Saints different is that their definition of “treat” doesn’t necessarily walk the same line as others in their industry. You may be in the mood for something chocolaty and rich or you might be on the lookout for something gluten free or vegan to satisfy your craving.  “Sinners” can splurge and indulge with one of the “luxurious and beautifully crafted desserts.”  “Saints” can pick and choose from the numerous treats that are either low calorie, low fat, sugar free or gluten free but so delicious you’ll think you’re a “Sinner”.

Sinners & Saints calls Venice its home. Located just north of the intersection of Lincoln and Washington,

Visit their website at for more details.

We are happy to have Sinners & Saints as a client of Tegner-Miller Insurance Brokers and will happily taste test for them whenever they want!

Maybe it’s time you found out if you’re a Sinner or a Saint.

Sinners & Saints Desserts
2547 Lincoln Blvd.
Venice CA 90291

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