is traffic school worth it

Is it worth it for me to go to traffic school?

In Los Angeles, tickets for moving violations can be incredibly expensive. While these tickets are necessary to reduce dangerous driving in our city, they can also put quite a dent in your wallet. For example, a ticket for running a red light in LA can run you around $480.

When you are saddled with a massive ticket, you have two options to reduce the overall price you will have to pay. First, you can simply pay the ticket. While this option is relatively hassle free, is it the cheapest and best option? Second, if you are eligible, you can attend traffic school.

At TMIB, we encourage our clients to go to traffic school or take an on-line traffic class after receiving a ticket (if eligible to do so).

While traffic school might seem like an unnecessary burden, it can greatly decrease the total cost of your traffic infraction.

If you attend traffic school, and do not receive subsequent moving violations during a specified period of time, the infraction will not be visible on your motor vehicle report (MVR). This means that the ticket will not increase your auto insurance premiums.

As we will demonstrate, keeping a violation off your MVR will greatly decrease how much a ticket will cost you in the long run.

Let’s say you pay $1,000 for your insurance premium and your ticket is for $480.

If you choose to pay your ticket and skip traffic school, your premiums can go up by as much as 10% for 3 years following the citation. If this is your second infraction in a 3 year period, your premiums can increase by as much as 20%, and you will lose your Good Driver discount, adding another 20% (approximately as each insurance company gives a different discount) to your automobile insurance premium. That means that your total payment for a traffic violation will range from $780 to a whopping $1,680 over the next three years!

On the other hand, if you attend traffic school, your premiums will not increase. The total cost of traffic school is generally less than $100, meaning that you will pay, at most, $580 for your traffic violation (in the above example).

Clearly, attending driving school can greatly decrease how much you pay in the long run for a traffic violation. Furthermore, you can take your traffic school lessons online, providing you with a convenient way to save after a traffic violation.

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