Happy Earth Day from Tegner-Miller Insurance Brokers!

planet earth facebook sizeEarth Day April 22nd

First celebrated in 1970, Earth Day commemorates the importance of nature and reminds us all that we should do our part to take care of our planet.

TMIB encourages each of our customers to make a pledge to do more to protect the environment not only on Earth Day but throughout the year. Below are a few easy ways to make your community better.

  • Reusable bags: Plastic, single use grocery bags are one of the worst types of litter. Difficult to break down, plastic bags can wreak havoc on the environment. One of the easiest ways to reduce the number of plastic bags polluting the environment is to switch to reusable bags. Many markets and shops now sell canvas bags for a small fee (usually around $1-2). These bags are extremely sturdy and can be reused for months or years. (Be sure to keep them clean!)
  • Reduce your carbon footprint: It’s no secret that LA is a “driving city”. The archetype of urban sprawl, LA unfortunately has relatively few public transportation options. While most trips require a car, try to limit how often you drive. Cutting down on driving will reduce your carbon footprint while also decreasing smog in LA. For short trips, try to walk or take your bike.  Carpool when you can.
  • Clean up your community: If you want to do something on Earth Day to better the environment, try cleaning up your favorite outdoor spot in LA. You’ll get to give back to your community while simultaneously getting a day in the sun.

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