Group Health Insurance

health insuranceAt Tegner-Miller Insurance Brokers, the Benefits Division specializes in providing creative solutions for California employers by analyzing, designing, and assisting with implementing employee benefit programs to fit their specific budget, and objectives. In addition, our dedicated  licensed health insurance advisors are continually recognized for their commitment to providing clients with prompt responses and solutions.

Tegner-Miller Insurance Brokers has preferred California carrier relationships, broad market access, and we are able to provide a comprehensive array of resources & services ranging from network analysis, assistance with compliance, to internet/intranet services and human resources consulting. For California groups under 50 lives, TMIB has mastered making it simple for small business owners to administer their Benefit plans!

Our own Agency has fallen under the California small group category, therefore, we truly understand that as a small business owner, your time is limited. Administering a Benefit plan, while important, is not high on the priority list. We offer quick responses, and educate our employer groups on how to keep it simple.

For more information on the group products and services available, please contact one of our licensed health insurance advisors.