Did You Know Home Insurance Policies have Medical Payment coverage?

Tegner Miller Did You KnowMany people think personal liability coverage is the only part of a standard home insurance policy that protects you in the event of an injury on your property. However, this coverage only applies when the injured person sues you.

What if the injured party decides not to sue, but still needs help paying his or her medical bills? This is where Medical Payments coverage (or MedPay) comes into play.  MedPay coverage will generally cover up to $1,000 (higher limits can be purchased) in medical bills if a person is injured on your property and elects not to sue.

Below is a list of injuries that are typically covered by MedPay, followed by a list of injuries/medical bills that are not covered.

Injuries typically covered by MedPay:

  • Your dog has a thing for mailmen. And by “a thing” for them we mean an impulsive desire to chase and bite them. One day, your dog escapes and finally accomplishes his lifelong dream.  Thankfully, your mailman is an understanding person and decides not to sue. MedPay will cover the cost of his stitches and any other medical necessities (up to the coverage limits you have purchased). In some cases, MedPay will also cover injuries caused by your pet even if they occur off of your property.
  • The neighborhood kid hits his ball over your fence during an afternoon game of baseball. You are not home to retrieve it for him, but the bases are loaded and waiting to get the ball is not an option. He decides to climb your fence to retrieve the ball, falls, and breaks an arm on your side of the fence. MedPay will pay for his medical bills up to your policy limit.
  • Your new mailman, trying to avoid the fate of his predecessor, sprints away from your barking hound, slipping on your front porch and spraining an ankle. MedPay will cover any medical expenses incurred as a result of this fall up to the policy limit.

Examples of Injuries/medical bills NOT Covered by MedPay:

  • Your toddler has the chickenpox and an unwitting neighbor catches the virus while at your home. As an adult, your neighbor has a more severe reaction to the virus and must be prescribed antivirals.  MedPay will NOT cover this medical treatment. MedPay will not cover injuries or medical bills resulting from a communicable disease.
  • Unbeknownst to you, your deadbeat cousin is distilling moonshine in your guest bathtub. Some foolish soul tries the homemade hooch and becomes violently ill, requiring medical treatment. MedPay will NOT cover this medical treatment. Any injuries resulting from the production, distribution or consumption of a controlled substance are NOT covered by MedPay.

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The information provided in our blogs are very brief overviews that do not provide complete descriptions of any coverage described nor do they list all of the important factors one should evaluate before deciding on a policy. Please speak to your broker at TMIB about your specific insurance needs and for more detailed information about types of coverage.