Michael’s visit to Brennan’s Pub in
Marina Del Rey, CA

Brennans Pub in Marina del Rey

The clock on the wall at Brennan’s Pub reminds visitors every day about the upcoming Irish holiday.

Since 1972, Brennan’s has been the happy home for those enthusiastically anticipating a celebration every March 17th. The party kicks off early so be sure to rest up on Saturday night. Doors open at 6am. There will be green beer and Guinness ready to flow and corn beef and cabbage ready to be consumed. Live music starts at about 1pm and continues into the evening.

In contrast to last year’s stormy conditions; the weather this year will be mild with temperatures in the mid 60’s.

Brennan’s prepares extensively for the festivities and they are ready for a crowd. They will even have beer stands on their outside patio so no one will be waiting very long for their cup to be filled.

Then, after a full day of celebration, the clock on the wall will get reset and begin to tick down another year.

So if you thought that Brennan’s Pub was only the home of the famous turtle races go ahead and add another reason why this place stands apart from the rest.

TMIB is happy to have Brennan’s Pub as one of our clients.

Have an excellent St. Patty’s day and make sure you swing by Brennan’s Pub on Lincoln in Marina Del Rey. You can’t miss it! Please celebrate responsibly.

Brennan’s Pub
4089 Lincoln Blvd.
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
Open 6am-2am March 17th

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