Black Friday Tips for Safe Shopping

For most of us, Black Friday inconveniences are restricted to bad traffic or long lines at the mall. However, Internet users have more to worry about this Black Friday. Entrepreneurial scammers use this perennial search for the best deals to rip off unsuspecting Internet users. Often, these scammers will post ads on a website advertising an incredible sale, like a “Free iPad!” or “Ford Dealership Fire Sale!” While clicking some of these ads redirects to harmless websites, others can link to surveys designed to steal personal information.

While these types of fake ads are omnipresent on the Internet, the increase in online shopping and the quest for the best deals makes them particularly virulent this time of year. Tegner-Miller Insurance Brokers has compiled a few tips to help make your Black Friday a day full of savings, not scams.

  • The first step is also the easiest and most effective: don’t click on any suspicious links! Like the old adage says, if a deal is too good to be true, it probably is. Be particularly vigilant about:

—  Any ad promising free items. No website will grant a free iphone to the 50,000th visitor, so leave these ads alone.

  • If you do see an ad that interests you and appears legitimate, visit the company’s official website instead of clicking on the ad.
  • If you do click on an ad and are redirected to something other than what was advertised, click out immediately. Do not fill out any surveys or any requests for information.
  • Make sure that your antivirus software is completely up-to-date. Additionally, licensed ad blocking software like Adblock for Google Chrome can reduce the number of malicious ads you are exposed to.

Tegner-Miller wishes you a happy and safe Black Friday!

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