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Brooke Williamson Top Chef 10

Brooke Williamson in Top Chef Finale

Please watch the Top Chef Season 10 finale.

Wednesday, 2/27/13, on Bravo – check your local listings

Our client, Brooke Williamson, has made it to the Top Chef Season 10 finale!!

Brooke, along with her co-chef husband Nick Roberts, owns two local restaurants: Hudson House in Redondo Beach and The Tripel in Playa del Rey.

Hudson House, “An American Pub”, serves over 50 types of beers that you can have while enjoying one of many menu items they offer.

The Tripel, which opened in 2011, focuses on food pairing and features craft beers (and beer cocktails) with an upscale bar menu.

If you stop by one of the restaurants, tell them TMIB sent you.

Please be sure to tune in on Wednesday to help us cheer for Brooke!

Long Term Care Facts to Consider

Long Term Care InsuranceLong Term Care Statistics:

  • 70% of people age 65 or older will need long term care services at some point in their lifetime which could result in significant unplanned expenses. As an example, assuming the average stay in a nursing home is three years, costs can easily surpass $240,000.
  • Medicare only pays for up to 100 days of care in a skilled nursing facility per benefit period
  • Annual costs for a Nursing Home in California range from $55,480-$164,250, depending on the type of facility

Are you prepared for Long Term Care Expenses?

Call TMIB at 310-828-9662 to speak to one of our knowledgeable brokers to discuss various options for long term care insurance.

Did You Know – The meaning of the term Premium

Tegner Miller Did You KnowIn today’s Did YOU know we will cover the term “Premium”

When you were a kid, you likely thought about the perks of being an adult: your own job, your own house, your own car, your own money. Probably the last thing you considered was your own insurance policy.

Whether you are buying your first insurance policy or have purchased many policies, you might wonder about the many terms or phrases frequently used in connection with your insurance that sound foreign to you, the consumer.

Don’t stress out.  TMIB has licensed professionals who are ready to help you with all of your insurance questions and needs and can explain the meaning of possibly confusing terminology.

    • Premium: A premium, also known as a rate, is the amount you pay annually for your insurance policy. Premium payments are typically made incrementally or as a lump sum each year depending on your policy.  While the concept of a premium might sound basic, the ways by which premiums are calculated are extremely complex. Your premium will be based on factors such as your age, lifestyle, and even the type of car you drive.

Below are some interesting factors that affect premiums for life insurance, auto insurance, and homeowner’s insurance.

    • Deadliest Catch: According to a September 2012 CNN report, the most dangerous job in America is that of a fisherman. While a seemingly low .12% of fishermen are killed on the job every year, this job is exceedingly dangerous compared to more mundane careers (like insurance broker). So, if you make your living catching fish on the high seas, your life insurance premiums will be significantly higher than for those who work on solid ground. Other factors that will also increase your life insurance premiums include lifestyle choices such as smoking. So, if you are a fisherman who smokes three packs a day… oh boy.
    • Mustang or Minivan?: As a young professional, you might want to show off your recent independence with a flashy (or at least fast) car. As a young person with a sports car, insurance companies see you as a driver who is at a higher risk of causing an at-fault accident.  All other things equal, a 20-something driving a sports car will have higher premiums than a 40-something driving a minivan.
    • The Dreaded Trampoline: Many of us have fond childhood memories of trampolines: trying to execute that perfect flip, bouncing at just the right time to send your sibling flying into the air, accidentally jumping off the side and getting hurt … Yes, while they are fun, trampolines are also dangerous. So dangerous, in fact, that insurance companies pay out around $280 million a year on trampoline-related injuries. This danger factor will be reflected in your homeowner’s premiums. If you are a trampoline owner, expect higher premiums.

Our experienced brokers at TMIB will work with you to get you the lowest possible premiums for your needs. Even if you are a 25-year-old fisherman who drives a sports car and enjoys smoking while jumping on his trampoline.  Call us at 310-828-9662 with any insurance questions.

Did YOU Know?

Tegner Miller Insurance Brokers Did You Know

Over the next year, Tegner-Miller Insurance Brokers will feature a series of “Did YOU Know” posts on our blog and Facebook page to help you better understand insurance and its sometimes unique terminology. These posts will cover basics like discounts and deductibles to more obscure topics like underinsured motorist coverage.

Whether you are getting ready to purchase your first insurance policy or you are a longtime client of TMIB, we think you will find helpful tips in our posts.

Be sure to check out the first post in our “Did YOU Know” series: “Insurance 101”: Premiums which will be posted next week.

Michaels Visit to Diablo Taco

Diablo Taco

Off Sunset Blvd and Westerly in the hilly neighborhood of Silver Lake, there’s a new flavor packed restaurant that combines the simplicity of a taco with modern day eclectic ingredients.

There is a very rustic, simple and fresh feel to Diablo. On one side of the restaurant, seen upon entering from the Sunset Blvd side through the wooden doors, is a spacious foyer where you can gaze at the chalkboard menu while your stomach begins to growl. Select one of their ten revolving beers on tap (mainly local), place your order and acknowledge the cultural art that gives the place a vibrant kick.

I might have stumbled across the perfect combination when I visited for lunch a few days ago; Maple Fried Chicken Taco with purple kale and red roasted vinaigrette, a Braised Pork Belly Taco with caramelized banana and Thai peanut relish, Grilled Sweet Corn with lime mayo, cotija cheese and truffle oil. To top it all off, an old fashioned tall glass bottle of Coke.  Just how they do it south of the border.

Some other special effects to look into when visiting Diablo are their vast selection of bottled beers, Diablo Sangria, the Micheladas, the Fork & Knife menu (Diablo Dog in particular) and their homemade sauces. Keep them in mind for weekend brunch (9am-2pm), private parties or a great place to go before or after Dodger games. They also host pairings where a local brewery provides their select ales and Diablo complements each with a new creative dish. My “Mini Taco” photo came from the Stone Brewery pairing. It was the most delicious bite size taco I’ve ever had! Follow them on Facebook to find out when the next event is.

We at TMIB are thankful to have Diablo as one of our customers and have worked closely with them to find various insurance programs from which to choose.  Our consultative approach with our clients helps make the process of obtaining and understanding insurance coverage as easy and clear as possible.

We look forward to providing Diablo with the same excellent customer service that they provide their guests. We want them as a customer of TMIB and they want you as a customer of Diablo. So the next time you’re in the neighborhood of Silver Lake or feel like trying something absolutely delicious and new stop by Diablo Taco’s.  Tell them TMIB sent you and receive a complimentary BISON CHILI TACO with the purchase of your meal.

3129 W. Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90026


TMIB is Ready for Super Bowl 2013

TMIB is Ready for Super Bowl 2013

TMIB is gearing up for this Sunday’s big game. Claudia is really hoping for a 49’ers win!!!