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New Years 2013

New Year’s Resolutions for 2013

Keeping New Year’s resolutions can be tough. Whether you resolve to eat healthier, lose weight, or take up a new hobby, following through on a resolution is difficult. However, there is at least one New Year’s resolution that you can accomplish today: becoming a more responsible homeowner.

Tegner-Miller Insurance Brokers has provided the following tips to help you become a better homeowner for the New Year.

  • Check your smoke detectors: Make sure to check all of your smoke detectors to determine whether they are functioning and change the batteries if needed. The US Fire Administration provides information on smoke detector maintenance at:
  • Check your appliances: When was the last time you checked your appliances for maintenance? Be sure to examine the hoses on your washer and water heater.
  • Inventory your valuables: After a disaster or a burglary, it can be difficult to determine what items have been damaged or stolen. An easy way to prepare for these events is to conduct a quick inventory of your home. Film a walkthrough of your home on a camcorder or even your cell phone, taking note of any valuables. While you are conducting this walkthrough, list your valuables along with their approximate values. Doing so will help you determine your losses should the unthinkable occur.
  • Speak to your broker: You should check in with your knowledgeable broker at TMIB to make sure that your homeowner’s insurance is completely up-to-date. Furthermore, you might want to consider purchasing other types of insurance such as a valuable items policy to cover valuables ranging from jewelry to musical instruments to computers and electronics
Tree Disposal

Christmas Tree Disposal

With Christmas over your once green and verdant Christmas tree is likely turning brown and dry.

While fallen needles and a browning tree can be an eyesore, a dried-out tree can also be a significant fire hazard. Because of the dangers of a dry Christmas tree, it is important to follow proper procedure when disposing of your Christmas tree.

Angelenos are fortunate to have one of the nation’s best and most eco-friendly tree removal services. In Los Angeles County, nearly 100,000 trees are recycled each year, providing mulch and compost for the city. You can saw your tree into pieces and place it in your green compost bin or drop off your tree at one of 21 citywide drop-off sites. To find your local drop-site check

While recycling and composting are both viable options for tree disposal, you should never burn your Christmas tree in a fireplace, stove or outside. Evergreens and firs are highly flammable and can quickly get out of control while burning. Furthermore, these types of trees can release massive amounts of flammable creosote when they burn. A build-up of creosote in your fireplace can lead to chimney fires, which account for 25% of all residential fires.

If you are planning to keep your tree up until after the New Year., make sure it has plenty of water to keep it fresh as long as possible. Sweep up any fallen needles and make sure dry branches are away from any heat sources to prevent fires.

First Day Of Winter

First Day of Winter

There are many advantages to living in sunny Southern California.  Although we enjoy perpetually mild temperatures and warm, sunny winters, there are some winter safety tips that even Angelinos should take heed of. Because tomorrow is the first day of winter, you should prepare for colder weather and potential hazards that are unique to this season. Tegner-Miller Insurance Brokers has compiled the following list to help you stay safe and comfortable during the winter months.

  • Trim those trees: Winter storms can bring heavy winds, rain, ice, and even snow to some parts of Los Angeles County that can weaken and snap tree branches, which can damage property or injure bystanders. If you live on a property with trees or large shrubbery, do an inspection for large or broken branches. Trimming your trees now can save you the headache of major damage caused by a fallen branch.
  • Beware of black ice: Black ice refers to thin layers of translucent ice that can appear on roads or pathways in low temperatures. On chilly mornings, always carefully inspect your property for black ice.  If a visitor slips on black ice on your property, you might be liable for their injuries. Spreading rock salt, sand, or even kitty litter on black ice can add traction and reduce accidents. Remember that black ice can form even when temperatures are above freezing, and it often forms on bridges before other surfaces.
  • Close those doors and windows: While temperatures in Los Angeles County rarely drop below freezing, turning on a heater at night can keep your home comfortable. If you turn on a heater, check that all doors and windows in your home are closed. This can greatly reduce your heating bill.
  • Safe winter driving: Whether you are planning to hit the slopes in Big Bear or Mammoth Mountain, or travel somewhere further afield, you should be aware of safe winter driving tips. Always have tire-chains handy and make sure you know how to use them BEFORE your trip. . Chains can be purchased  for about $50-100 at most automobile shops.  Also, always keep a cold-weather kit in your car that includes: a warm blanket, first aid kit, flashlight, and plenty of food and water in case you get stranded. Finally, be sure to check with your broker at Tegner-Miller Insurance Brokers, (800) 775-TMIB (8642), to be sure that you are completely up-to-date on your collision and liability auto insurance.

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Tegner-Miller Holiday Decorating Winners

Holiday Desk Decorating Contest

Tegner-Miller Insurance Brokers wants to thank all of its employees who participated in this year’s Holiday Desk Decorating Contest. The office has never looked more festive. Some employees are already gearing up for next year’s competition.  If you are in the Santa Monica area, please drop by to see the great decorations. Tegner-Miller Insurance Brokers wishes you and your loved ones a joyous Christmas and Hanukkah!


Winter Travel Safety Tips

December and January are some of the busiest travel months for Americans. While Angelinos hit the slopes at ski resorts in Northern California, Colorado, and abroad, those in colder climates flee to sunny California, Florida, or the Caribbean. Before you go on your adventure, consult Tegner-Miller Insurance Brokers’ tips.

  • Before you leave, check your house to be sure you have turned off all lights and appliances. Especially check stoves, burners, and ovens to be sure they are turned off.

If leaving for more than a couple days, you may want to consider having a trusted neighbor pick up your mail or even have the post office stop delivering mail until you return (this can be done easily on-line).

  • If you are driving in a location with snow or ice, always bring tire chains. These chains can provide much-needed friction on slippery roads. Applying tire chains can be tricky for beginners, so before you leave, test out the chains in your driveway to make sure you can put them on properly.
  • Always tell a friend, family member, or neighbor your itinerary.
  • If traveling abroad, leave copies of your passport, credit cards (front and back) and other important documents with a trusted person.  This will facilitate getting help if documents are lost or stolen.  (Many 800 numbers only work in the US)
  • Do not post your vacation plans on social media sites, this may lead to unwanted attention to your empty home

If you have any questions or need assistance with your insurance, please don’t hesitate to call use at 800-775-TMIB (8642).

Star Of David

Hanukkah Festival of Lights Tips

Hanukkah is an ancient and joyous holiday, characterized by a celebration of the Jewish identity and unique seasonal dishes. While Hanukkah is a great time to spend with family and friends, there are a few things to keep in mind during your Festival of Lights celebration.

Tegner-Miller Insurance Brokers has provided the following tips to ensure that your Hanukkah is safe and joyous.

  • Make Sure Your Insurance Is Up-To-Date: As we have pointed out in other blog posts, the period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day is wrought with seasonal hazards. Be sure to check with your experienced broker at TMIB to make sure your Auto and Homeowners’ Insurance are completely up-to-date before the holiday season begins.
  • Candle Tips: An integral part of Hanukkah is the lighting of the nine-branched Menorah. While the lighting of the candles or oil is an important symbol of Jewish identity and heritage, it can also be a fire hazard. Be sure to place your Menorah far away from any flammable objects like curtains, drapes or indoor plants and refrain from wearing long, loose sleeves when lighting the Menorah.  Keep your Menorah on a sturdy, flat surface where it cannot tip over.
  • Frying Tips: Many of the traditional and delicious Hanukkah foods are cooked in oil. When cooking your latkes (potato pancakes) or loukoumades (fried dough puffs), be extremely careful with your frying oil. Always set up your deep-fryer away from any flammable objects. Never let children or pets near the deep-fryer. Never leave pan-frying foods unattended.
  • Other Cooking Tips: In the hustle and bustle of a busy Hanukkah dinner, it is easy to forget to turn off a stove or oven after you are done using it. Gas stoves or ovens, can be a fire and carbon monoxide hazard. Always double-check kitchen appliances after use to make sure they are turned off.  Keep flammable objects like dish towels and rags are far away from stoves, candles and other open flames.

We wish you a safe and happy Hanukkah!  If you have any questions or need assistance with your insurance, please don’t hesitate to call use at 800-775-TMIB (8642).